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porsche 928







Porsche SE is a German manufacturer of luxury automobiles, which is majority-owned by the Porsche and Piëch families. Porsche SE holds two chief assets, the first of which is Porsche AG, manufacturer of the Porsche automobile line. The second asset is a majority stake in Volkswagen AG. The company is headquartered in Zuffenhausen, a city district of Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

It was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, an Austro-Hungarian engineer born in Maffersdorf, Austria-Hungary (today Vratislavice, Czech Republic). Porsche is also known for designing the first Volkswagen, but Béla Barényi is credited with having conceived the basic design five years earlier. The company currently produces 911 (997), Boxster and Cayman sports cars and Cayenne sport utility vehicles. A new model line, the four-door Panamera sedan, will be launched in 2009.


Porsche 928
from the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business

Porsche 928
Featured at the Museum in 2008

This superstar Porsche 928 is going to appear in another film soon! Lewis Johnsen of Denver now owns this famous car and is producing a documentary film about it to enter in the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. His film "Quest for RB928" documents his journey to find and acquire the long lost movie car from the hit 80's movie "Risky Business". This 1979 Porsche 928 is the car that Tom Cruise drove in the movie and also learned to drive a stick shift in with a little help from the producer. Many Porsche enthusiasts have called this the most famous Porsche 928 in the world. It was on exhibit at the museum until the 2008 Film Festival.

porsche 928 porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is called the shark or land shark, due to it's shark-like appearance and its ability to gobble up large stretches of road in short time. The Porche 928 is a grand tourer automobile (GT), a high-performance vehicle designed for comfortable long distance driving, fully laden with a powerful motor and the best in luxury features. It was designed to fly down the autobahn for hours in excess of 100mph, and was equally adept on curves and twisty mountain roads. Porsche AG of Germany made the 928 from 1978 to 1995 , and it was one of their most expensive offerings. In the late '80s it was the fastest production road-car in the world, recording 172mph on the salt flats in Utah in 1986 using an early 928 S4. Porsche's marketing slogan became "It's about as fast as you can go without having to eat airline food".

This exotic supercar featured a large, front-mounted and water-cooled, V8 engine driving the rear wheels. Originally displacing 4.5 L and featuring a single overhead camshaft , it produced 219 hp (163 kW/222 PS) for the North American market and 240 PS (176 kW/237 hp) in other markets. Porsche upgraded the engine from mechanical to electronic fuel injection in 1980 for US models, although power remained the same. Porsche utilized a transaxle in the 928 to help achieve 50/50 front/rear weight distribution, aiding the car's balance. The 928 included several other innovations such as the " Weissach Axle ", an early all-wheel steering system that provides passive rear-wheel steering in certain off-throttle cornering situations, and an unsleeved, silicon alloy engine block made of aluminium, which reduced weight and provided a highly durable cylinder bore.

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 continued to evolve over the years. The 928S was intoduced in Europe in 1980. It had a revised 4.7 L engine producing 300 PS (221 kW/297 hp), which was upgraded to 310 PS (228 kW/306 hp) in 1984. It also sported new front and rear spoilers and wider wheels and tires.This faster car was not available in the U.S. and Canada until 1983 and U.S. regulations required milder camshafts and additional emission controls which limited the car to 234 hp (174 kW/237 PS).

In 1985, the 928 S3 in North America gained a new 5.0 L, DOHC engine sporting four valves per cylinder and producing 288 hp (215 kW/292 PS). In '87 Porsche introduced an updated 5.0 L V8 in the S4 for all markets producing 320 PS (235 kW/316 hp). It was the S4 that set the land speed record. The race-oriented "Club Sport" version which was 100kg lighter was available in 1988. The SE (sometimes called the S4 Sport), was sort of a halfway point between a normally equipped S4 and the more race-oriented "Club Sport". Porsche debuted the 928 GT in the spring of 1989. The GT had more equipment than a Club Sport model but less than a 928 S4 to keep the weight down and an RDK tire pressure monitoring system was standard. The final version of the 928 came in 1992 with the GTS and included revised bodywork, larger front brakes and a more powerful 5.4 L, 350 PS (257 kW/345 hp) engine. A loaded Porsche GTS model could cost $100,000 USD in 1995, which made them the most expensive cars on the road at the time.

Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 had the high performance, glamour and reputation that truly made it a superstar automobile around the world. It continues to have a huge fan base and even at 25+ years old, can outperform current manufacturers' sport and grand-touring models.


Legend never dies...

*Not Currently at the Museum